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marketing of onions and potatoes.

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This is us

Managing Director Poul Sønnichsen has extensive experience in production and professional marketing of onions, potatoes and other crops.

Varius positions in the worldwide seed industry for several years.
Managing Director of an internationally operating company producing and marketing onions based in Germany for more than 20 years.


Competent Partners

Onions – all year round

DanSø has a close corporation with experienced onion producers in the best suited onions growing areas throughout Europe and Southern Hemisphere.

Best soil conditions, newest technical equipment for sowing and harvesting, drip irrigation, sustainable storage facilities as well as hightech equipment for grading and packing.

two Onions

The onion production in Germany takes place in South Hesse where onions are ready for marketing begin at July. In Lower Saxonia the main crop is used for long term storage.

Intensive collaboration with leading onion producers in Denmark, the Netherlands and Austria. Partnership with Spanish onion producers in the area of Valencia and growers in New Zealand and Tasmania.

Field-drying on the swath

Field-drying on the swath

Different maturity groups

Different maturity groups

Potatoes – full range

DanSø has a close collaboration with potato specialists in Lower Saxonia – Germany’s most important growing area for high quality potatoes.

Full range of varieties in three cooking types. Ware potatoes and varieties for processing are produced in big scale as well.


High storage capacity in cool houses.

Production of high quality potatoes

Production of high quality potatoes

Full range of varieties

Full range of varieties

Vegetables – fresh from South Hesse

some vegetablesDanSø has a collaboration with the key producer co-operative in South West Germany focusing on production and marketing of vegetables.

Main products beside onions are beans, asparagus and strawberries. The production takes place in the Upper Rhine Valley with favourable climate conditions and the advantage of irrigation possibilities.

Intensive collaboration with multiple producers worldwide.

Advantage thanks to collaboration

This is our professional network


DanSø – where we are

The head office of DanSø is located in Eschwege in the Center of Germany. The river Werra flows through the town and the historical center with attractive timbered houses is worth seeing.

Restaurants with tasty local specialities and excellent hotels make Eschwege a pleasant place to stay.

The friendly DanSø team is happy to welcome you.

  • Brueckenhausen
  • Marktplatz-Eschwege
  • Landgrafenschloss
  • Torturm in Eschwege
  • Landgrafenschloss
  • Bismarckturm
  • Eschwege von oben

DanSø GmbH
Wolfsgraben 3
37269 Eschwege
Hesse – Germany

Poul Sønnichsen
Agrarøkonom • Managing Director
phone-symbol+49 5651 9926023
mobile-symbol+49 151 15200146

Seasonal calendar

Seasonal calendar - OnionsMagnifying-glass
Onions (pdf)
Seasonal calendar - potatoesMagnifying-glass
Potatoes (pdf)
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